Message from District Chairman 328

Without Any Prejudice
Statement from IWD 328 Chairman
This is brought to my notice that some Facebook posts and emails by different vested quarters claiming that Ms. Sharmin Hossain from IWD-345 has been made NR for Inner Wheel Bangladesh for the tenure of 2020-2021 by International Inner Wheel (IIW). This is completely false and fabricated since this proposition of making Ms. Sharmin as NR was conditional based on the acceptance of IWD-328. In this connection, I am on record expressing my disappointment on the activities carried out by different vested quarters.
Neither IWD-345 approached me to know what is our status of acceptance nor we got any confirmation from International Inner Wheel (IIW) that they have received acceptance from IWD-328.
Under these circumstances, I am exposing the certain part of the letter from International Inner Wheel which was written on 4th October 2020 and received by both the Chairmen (IWD-328 & IWD-345) on 9th October 2020. The following lines that are the decisive part on the matter of NR status. ” If this solution doesn’t agree both Districts, there will be no National Representative or Deputy National Representative for the moment.”(Ref: Letter from Madam Corinne Dalleur, Constitution Chairman dated 4th October 2020)
Mentioning above clause of the letter we have notified International Inner Wheel that we (IWD-328) don’t have the acceptance on their decision, therefore, the mentioned last lines of the letter automatically become effective and which is, there is no NR or DNR for the moment (in Inner Wheel Bangladesh).
Sincerely yours,


In Inner Wheel Friendship.

Monowara Rahman District Chairman 2020-2021 IWD-328 Bangladesh

Hello All,

Inner Wheel, as one of the largest voluntary organizations in the world, plays a crucial role in the development of societies we live in. From our neighborhoods,cities, to districts and all way to the national level, Inner Wheel’s work needs to make meaningful impact in the lives of people around us.

As 2020 has shown us, difficult times lie ahead. As we continue to look forward, we are faced with unknown challenges that will require us to be ready to tackle these issues head on. The world is changing at a rapid speed and Inner Wheel needs to keep pace with these changes. With this year’s theme of “Lead the Change”, District 328 will need to be at the forefront of changes in medical assistance, providing education to the less privileged as well as women and children’s health issues. Special focus should also be given to senior citizens who do not have the necessary social safety net to get through these difficult times.
The pandemic has made countless number of people victim to social inequality and unimaginable hardship. It should be District 328’s core responsibility to identify these vulnerable people and assist them. Our aim should be to work independently, as well as establish meaningful partnership with organizations, who can help us achieve our goals.
As Inner Wheel prepares to lead the change in the coming year, we need to be focused on setting goals that will align with the current circumstances. Our strategies and actions will determine how we have helped our society to overcome countless difficulties and grow for the better.
Internally, we as club should also focus on identifying and grooming new and young leadership who will continue to take our work forward. Growing in number and strengthening our bonds will ensure a lasting legacy for the club while also ensuring we have access to more resources and ideas.

They say the only constant in life is change. To that, may our focus and dedication remain as constant has it been for years so that we can usher in changes that will endure any challenges we face today, tomorrow and the days to come.


Monowara Rahman

I.W District 328