From IIW President

Dear IW friends

You are most heartily welcomed to new IW year of service and friendship, Congratulations to you on being the fortunate one to be elected to this prestigious post of leadership of your District. I hope you will enjoy this special privilege that brings with it opportunity to promise good friendship and service amongst all club of your District.

It is important to know your clubs through visit and attend to their various questions, guide them with your experience to retain their membership and participation in District and National activities.

Service is the rent to pay for the privileged life we live on the earth.

Being part of the Inner wheel gives you a chance to encourage IW members to serve the needy and change the world. Get involved and identify needs, implement projects that will change lives and create happier futures.

Emphasis this year on-      5 Es

Empower women/ girls-     Financial, educational and physical

Environment-                     Promote service to protect it

Expand IW-                       We need more members, more hands to serve

Enjoy IW-                           Encourage members to love IW

Engage with other organizations-      Promote UN thrust sustainable projects, other NGOs

Theme for this year is Leave a Lasting Legacy- it’s 50th Glorious year of formation of International Inner Wheel ‘94th year of existence of IW organizations- this year we put in little extra efforts to encourage clubs to put more towards the means where entire community knows of the noble work each club, Each District is doing for needy for so many years.

Carve name of your organization on hearts, not on tombstones.

2017-2018 is an IIW Convention Year-

Whether you’re a regular convention goer, haven’t been to one in a few years, or haven’t yet attended your first, the 2018 convention will be the one you won’t want to miss. Melbourne is a great destination in its own right, with great food, friendly people, and many local attractions to enjoy. But the real reason to come to the convention is always the convention itself, and the people, ideas, inspiration, and friendship you’ll find there. To learn more, and save money on registration, visit

Keep in touch with NR of your country to keep her updating reports on the work done by clubs or for any latest communication from IIW.

With best wishes for a fruitful and successful year of service and friendship to leave a mark of lasting Legacy.

Dr. Kapila Gupta
IIW President 2017-18