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District Chairman & IIW President 2017-2018

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Message From National Representative

Dear Inner Wheel Friends,

Each year a new District Website is updated to herald the beginning of a new Inner Wheel year, introducing us to new goals, new themes and new leaderships. Indeed this year's theme "Leave a Lasting Legacy" goes hand in hand with the purpose that the District Website serves as the very webpages of this Website enshrines our actions and contributions towards helping to alleviate, even if by a little, the misery that clouds our present times. In doing so the District Website helps to preserve our legacy so that it may be looked back upon by future generations to gain encouragement and strength from.
Our beloved IIW President, Kapila Gupta, has chosen this year's wonderful theme, "Leave a Lasting Legacy." Legacy- this six lettered word may overwhelm some but I believe it to be among the many reasons that inspire one to create a change for the greater good. You may leave your legacy through the good values and virtues you instill within your children so that they may use your teachings to illuminate the world of tomorrow. Or you may choose a rather direct approach and let your actions speak louder than your words. Leave a legacy so that people may look back upon your work and derive only inspiration and hope. Leave a lasting legacy so that your story leaves someone believing that good always prevails.
Inner Wheel is a diverse community of empowered women where the bond of sisterhood is strengthened by our fervent desire to serve humanity and share happiness. We may come from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds but it is our diversity that elevates the quality of our work. Each story inspires a new idea and each idea inspires a new revolution. We are revolutionary in the sense that we are fearless. Fearlessly altruistic, fearlessly determined, fearlessly passionate. Let us once again re-ignite that passion within us to work relentlessly to positively impact our society for a peaceful present and future. Give your hands to serve and your heart to love.
My heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the District Chairman, Mrs. Nayar Islam and her team of office bearers of 2017-18. Nayar Islam is a very efficient and diligent worker. We have tremendous hopes and expectations from her and I am confident that she along with her entire team will do their best to achieve new milestones.
District 328 & 345 play a vital role in uplifting Inner Wheel Bangladesh to new heights. The synergy developed between the two districts is what lubricates the Wheel of Service. Keeping together is progress and working together is success. I am honored to be able to know and work closely with so many dynamic personalities of Inner Wheel Bangladesh.
I would like to congratulate the District Webmaster, Mrs Shawkat Ara Dewan, for her hard work and for compiling this beautiful Website.
I believe that if we serve with love and compassion then we will definitely Leave a Legacy and transform the lives of people whom we reach out to. It is both a privilege and an honor to serve humanity. So lets make the best of each moment and try our best to keep the flag of Inner Wheel flying high.
Keep the Inner Wheel spirit high.
Nahid Nawaz
National Representative
Inner Wheel Bangladesh