Committed to Enlightening the World
With the Power of Our Community
58 CLUBS & 1200+ MEMBERS
Throughout the Bangladesh
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About Inner Wheel 328

Inner Wheel is one of the internationally reputed Women’s voluntary “service” Organizations involved in philanthropic activities throughout the world. Inner Wheel Clubs across the globe comprise the womenfolk of Rotarians. It is active in over 100 countries and geographic locations with over a hundred thousand members.

Inner Wheel concentrates on Friendship and Personal Service. It is not a money-raising organization, but each club has projects that build fellowship and raise money to support charities.

Inner Wheel District 328 was formed in 1985. Now, there are 59 Clubs and around 1250 members in Inner Wheel District 328 Bangladesh.


Inner Wheel Theme 23 - 24
Inner Wheel Bangladesh 328 District Chairman Picture

Message from District Chairman

Shahina Rafiq
District Chairman, 2023-2024
District 328, Bangladesh

Welcome to the Inner Wheel webpage!

As we embark on a new year, I am humbled to serve as your District Chairman, entrusted by our beloved Inner Wheel community. With the inspiring theme “Shine A Light,” we are committed to enlightening the world with our unique perspectives.

In a complex world, losing sight of our purpose is easy. However, each of us possesses an individual quality that can positively impact others. Let’s unite, celebrate our individuality, and become the flare of hope for those lost in darkness.

Shining our light is not a new concept—it has roots in ancient traditions and cultures. We must overcome fear and acknowledge the power of our authentic selves. This lesson is vital for women who have dimmed their lights too long. Let this year’s theme encourage self-reflection and growth amongst all our members.

Message for Inner Wheel Bangladesh 2023-2024

Trish Douglas (IW GB&I)
International Inner Wheels

My Dear Friends in Inner Wheel Bangladesh,

It is with a great sense of honour that I take over the role of International Inner Wheel President for our Centennial Year, a year in which, with your help, we can ‘Shine a Light’ on all the amazing work that we do in the name of Inner Wheel around the world.

I chose ‘Shine a Light’ because sometimes the light does not ‘Shine’ on all the marvellous projects we are involved in. This past year we have been asked to ‘Work Wonders’ now we must ‘Shine a Light’ on all the Wonders Worked and will be doing in this very special year ahead.

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