1st European International Webinar

1st European International Webinar was conducted by IWD 204 Italy was a great success. This in fact would be marked as a historic milestone, one which indeed worked as a wake up call for Inner Wheel movement as a whole in upcoming days. The issues which were discussed were truly focused on how to evolve Inner Wheel movement keeping the context way the world changing with 4th Industrial Revolution. The founders of Inner Wheel set some values which are time tested but would always go through challenging time over the future to align it according to the changes of the World as World embark upon an uncharted water. Only one inevitable constant in life is “CHANGE”.

We warmly appreciate that the matter of changing orders of the day to cater the demand of the present leading to future were duly addressed by the European Inner Wheel Webenier hosted by District 204 Italy. Read more …
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