National Representative 2021-2022

Message from Nayar Islam

National Representative (NR) 2021-2022, Inner Wheel Bangladesh

Dear Beloved Inner Wheel Friends,

Greetings. I wish you all a great new Inner Wheel Year 2021-2022. I am honored and delighted to serve as your NR for this tenure. This is a momentous occasion in my life since NR is the highest prestigious position in the country and for that I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to shoulder the solemn tasks of NR.

NR’s role is to bridge between the national and international primarily to coordinate better communication. Also, NR has the duty to impart information seamlessly to the Districts which she receives from the international Governing Body in order to keep the Districts updated with thoughts of IIW so that the Districts could align in accordance with the expectation of IIW. In my tenure, coordinating with two Districts of Bangladesh, I would proactively execute the duties bestowed upon me as NR by IIW Constitution. In this regard, it’s my warm expectation that I would receive fullest cooperation from both the Districts.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is indeed challenging to get things done as much as possible and we all must strive to put forward our best efforts without compromising the safety of the members of IW and families. As the women take the pivotal position in the family to keep everything going smooth, the theme “Pink First” by IIW President Ebe Panitteri Martines is a timely action-oriented statement which defines the totality of women in all sphere of life. As I understand, the concept of Pink means the women taking the control completely to achieve the objective as first responder in every situation. Therefore, during this pandemic it is only natural and expected that the women would claim her position by doing all kinds of activities in order to make the world safe.

I wish each and every member of IW Bangladesh well and request all to stay safe and work towards a better pandemic free tomorrow. I wish good luck to the District Chairmen of the both the Districts and their committees and fully ensure them my best cooperation during my tenure.

Let’s hope and pray for a better tomorrow where there would be no gender gap, where women empowerment would be enshrined in all activities. Let’s work together to achieve that world of women by fostering national and international understanding. I am sure together we can.

In Inner Wheel Friendship Always.

Nayar Islam
National Representative 2021-2022
Inner Wheel Bangladesh