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The inner Wheel movement started in the eastern part of our country in 1979 with the formation of the Inner Wheel Club of Chittagong as a non-Districted club. Mrs. Sultana Nizam was the founder President, and Dr. Shireen Haque was the founder secretary of this club. Within a Short time frame, a few clubs were established in Dhaka, Khulna & Chittagong. The clubs were the IWC of Dhaka, the IWC of Dhaka South, the IWC of Khulna, and the IWC of Agrabad. Except for the IWC of Chittagong, the rest of the clubs went under District 329, which itself was a part of the Association of IWC clubs in India. IWC of Chittagong remained non-Districted.

Inner Wheel District 328 was formed in 1985, Prof. Rowsan Ara Rahman was the First District Chairman, and Late Mrs. Rehana Jalal was the First District Secretary. Ms. Sumi Agarwal, the then-District Chairman of IWD 329, along with the secretary & few other members came from West Bengal to Bangladesh to inaugurate & celebrate the pride.

From IWD 328, Prof. Rawshan Ara Rahman became the First International Inner Wheel Board Member. Inner Wheel District 328 is also blessed with eminent Board Members Majeda Haque 1989-1990, Late Farhat Rahim 1994-1995 and International Inner Wheel Board Directors like Mahmuda Siddiqi 2002-03, Akhter Jahan PHF 2015-2016, Nahid Newaz 2019-20, Farida Hashem 2020-21 & several other respected National Representatives (NR).

In 2013 few clubs from District 328 left and formed a new District named IWD 345. Currently, there are two Districts in Bangladesh.

Due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic, no election has been held in Bangladesh; as such, there are no elected or selected Representative (NR) or Deputy National Representative (DNR) for the Year 2020-2021.

There are 58 clubs and around 1250 members in Inner Wheel District 328.