As we embark on a new year, I am humbled to serve as your District Chairman, entrusted by our beloved Inner Wheel community. With the inspiring theme “Shine A Light,” we are committed to enlighten the world with our unique perspectives.

In a complex world, it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose. However, each of us posses an individual quality that can positively impact others. Let’s unite, celebrate our individuality, and become the flare of hope for those lost in darkness.

Shining our light is not a new concept—it has roots in ancient traditions and cultures. We must overcome fear and acknowledge the power of our authentic selves. This lesson is particularly vital for women who have dimmed their lights for too long. Let this year’s theme encourage self-reflection and growth amongst all our members.

Authenticity is the key to shine our inner light. By embracing our strengths, talents, and passions, we tap into our innate power and purpose. This authenticity gives life to the Inner Wheel and strengthen our

sisterhood. Together, we can create a creditable impact and radiate positive energy into the world.

Shining our light requires courage, invincibility , and resilience. We must face our fears, embrace failure, and never give up on our dreams. Let us shine our light upon those who have faced hardships, offering them hope and tools to ignite their own flames.

To conclude my message, shining our light is a necessity for ourselves and others. By embracing and expressing our originality, we create ripples of positivity that transform the world. Join me, Shahina Rafiq, in embracing our light and inspiring others to do the same. Together, we will brighten up this beautiful world we call home.

Yours always, 
Shahina Rafiq

Shahina Rafiq

District Chairman, 2023-2024
District 328, Bangladesh

Inner Wheel Bangladesh 328 District Chairman Picture